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Light illumination

Use festive lighting as a temporary effective marketing activity. It has a magnetic effect from which retail, gastronomy and tourism can profit. As a premium partner of MK Illumination, we guarantee you best quality regarding product safety, efficiency and sustainability.





Professional outdoor LED christmas lights, classic christmas garlands or decorative light motifs bring a festive mood to buildings and facades.



  • Der Leipziger Hauptbahnhof mit klassischer LED-Weihnachtsbeleuchtung

    Classic LED light

    The main station in Leipzig shines with traditional Christmas lights. Green garlands with LED lights, warm white light curtains and decorated Christmas trees are a good match for the historic facade of the building. The festive lighting attracts people and local retailers profit from this.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Warmweiße LED Lichterketten an der Fassade des Leipziger Hotel Fürstenhof

    Elegant LED light

    Warm white IceLite fairy lights in different lengths enclose the hotel Fürstenhof in Leipzig in a festive shine. The Christmas lights were optimally matched to the already existing outdoor signage and the facade. It perfectly matches the elegant atmosphere of the hotel.


    Photo: Volkmar Heinz

  • Weihnachtliche, leuchtende Motive am Rathaus in Hoyerswerda

    LED light motifs

    Warm white LED lights and cold white light motifs on the facade of the town hall are the luminous highlight of the Christmas decorations in Hoyerswerda. Traditional green motifs and road spans complete the festive decoration.

  • Fassadenbeleuchtung von Galeria Kaufhof in Leipzig

    LED light curtain

    Cold white LED light curtains and IceLite Christmas lights sparkle on the facade of the Galeria Kaufhof shopping centre in Leipzig. The cool light colour contrasts with the nearby Christmas market and helps to emphasise the building.


    Photo: Volkmar Heinz


LED Christmas lights bring a festive mood to city centres and shopping promenades. They attract visitors and support local retailers.



  • Traditional green decorations

    Traditional green decorations with LED lights are a perferct match for the historic city centre and its timbered houses.  The streets are decorated with festive garlands, which are complemented by LED stars. The theme continues on the streetlamps, which are decorated with LED lit shooting stars.

    Photo: Volkmar Heinz

  • LED light curtain and organic balls

    The LED Christmas lights in the city centre of Esslingen have an excellent day effect. The LED lit motifs made out of environmentally friendly material are perfectly visible during the day and dusk. The warm white LED light curtains complement the decoration with pleasantly festive light.

    Photo: MK Illumination

  • LED green garlands and organic balls

    The LED green garlands and the red organic balls made out of environmentally friendly material provide a festive elegance to the streets of Stockholm. The warm white LED light provides a warm atmosphere while the classic colour scheme creates a festive mood.

    Photo: MK Illumination

  • LED street lights

    In the dutch city of Heino elegant Christmas light motifs decorate the street lamps. The mix of warm white and cold white light matches the scenic view of the streets and provides a festive mood to the visitors 

    Photo: MK Illumination


Whether you’re looking for simple LED fairy lights or for a tailor-made light concept: Here you’ll find everything you need for a unique Christmas market illumination.



  • LED light roof

    The warm white LED light roof decorates the Tiroler Dorf at the Christmas market in Leipzig. The visitors are able to enjoy Tyrolean delicacies under a unique starlit sky.


    Photo: V. Heinz

  • Tradition and modernity

    The Christmas market in Antwerp has a particularly beautiful atmosphere due to the Christmas lights. The hanging spheres in different colours give the illumination a modern touch, while the numerous stalls are decorated with traditional green garlands with LED lights. Together with the warm white tree illumination, it results in a harmonious overall picture, which delights international visitors.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Traditional LED motifs

    The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is rich in tradition and one of the most popular Christmas markets in Germany. The traditional green motifs on the street lamps are wrapped with modern LED light strings and decorated with the popular Moravian stars. The modern Christmas LED lighting fits perfectly into the traditional atmosphere of the Christmas market.


    Foto: A. Busch

  • LED angel

    The three-metre-high illuminated angels with white LED lights are visible from afar and formed the centrepiece of the Christmas market lighting in Leipzig.

  • Market stall illumination

    The heart of the Christmas market is the huge fir tree in front of the Ulmer Minster. The energy efficient LED Christmas tree lights highlight the tree while the Christmas market stalls are illuminated with warm white rope light.


    Photo: MK Illumination


Festive illuminated fountains shouldn’t be missed in Christmas illumination concepts for public spaces. LED lights, lit and unlit motifs and green garlands offer numerous possibilities even for listed objects.



  • Brunnenbeleuchtung mit warmweißen Lichternetz

    LED net

    The fountain illumination on the Richard-Wagner-Square in Leipzig is a real eye-catcher during Christmas time. The warm white LED lights are mounted on the fountain with the help of a net. This way the illumination is secured without drilling. The festive illumination optically connects the Richard-Wagner-Square to the Christmas market.

    Photo: D. Knofe

  • Brunnenbeleuchtung mit traditionellen LED-Grüngirlanden

    Traditional fountain illumination

    The festive fountain illumination of the Eselsbrunnen in Halle combines traditional LED green garlands with modern, organic materials. The warm white light together with the golden organic balls creates an elegant but traditional effect.

  • Weihnachtsbeleuchtung am Rudolfsbrunnen in Innsbruck

    Dynamic fountain illumination

    The fountain illumination of the Rudolfsbrunnen in Innsbruck impresses with its simple but effective design. The warm white light flows along the construction like water and creates a dynamic effect.

    Photo: MK Illumination

Tree illumination

Unique tree illumination and tree decorations are an important part of every Christmas illumination concept. Light motifs, LED fairy lights and LED nets for deciduous or coniferous trees create a festive atmosphere in public streets or other outdoor areas.



  • LED conifer illumination

    The LED tree illumination in front of Schloss Wackerbarth impresses with ist symmetry and simple elegance and it matches perfectly with the scenery of the mansion.  The LED lights are carefully placed around the yew to ensure a homogenous lighting. Together with the illuminated fir trees on the upper floor, a harmonious picture is created.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Decorative tree illumination

    Red Organic Balls and golden Organic Stars give this Christmas tree in Stockholm a unique look. In addition to the LED fairy lights, the illuminated motifs provide that extra something. With our products every tree becomes a festive eye-catcher.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Warmweiße LED-Baumbeleuchtung

    LED illumination for deciduous trees

    The LED lit deciduous trees are ideal for highlighting specific areas. The illuminated trees on the marketplace in Peine guide the visitors through the city centre.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Warmweißer LED-Lichterbaum in Innsbruck

    Golden Artificial Tree

    The Artificial Tree, as seen in the city centre of Innsbruck, is made of aluminum and warmwhite or cold white LED lights. It can be upgraded with various decorations and accessories. The LED tree brings wintery magic to any place without mounting lights to real trees.


    Photo: MK Illumination

Interior decoration

Christmas light and decoration for indoor areas provide a festive mood and delight guests and customers alike. LED fairy lights with transparent cable, illuminated figurines and elegant light motifs create a festive setting.



  • LED chandelier

    The huge LED chandeliers underline the magnificent ambience of Leipzig's most famous passage. During the Advent season, the warm light enchants the visitors and puts them in a festive mood.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Weihnachtsdekoration mit beleuchteten Eiskristallen

    LED Ice Thorns

    Big and small ice crystals with warm white or cold white LED lights create a winter wonderland in shop windows, sales rooms or reception areas.


    Photo: MK Illumination



  • Weihnachtsbeleuchtung mit LED-Lichterketten und Weihnachtskugeln

    LED fairy lights

    LED Christmas lights with transparent cable are particularly suitable for indoor Christmas lighting. In combination with decorative LED light motifs or baubles, they become the highlight of any interior decoration.


    Photo: MK Illumination

  • Beleuchteter Weihnachtsbaum mit Sternen und Kugeln aus Organic Material

    LED Christmas trees

    There are no limits to the imagination when decorating LED Christmas trees. With LED light motifs made of organic material, the tree gets a very natural look.


    Photo: MK Illumination

Festive decorations for rent

Whether young or old, festive lighting brings a smile to our faces and creates a reflective and cheerful atmosphere. We offer you temporary light installations and LED lit figurines for rent.

  • LED snowmankid

    Herby the friendly, illuminated snowman is a popular festive subject for photos. He delights children and grownups with his cute, friendly smile.



    • meassurements (WxHxD):
    • 143 x 176 x 116 cm
    • weight: approx. 26 kg
    • LED: cold white, blue   
    • power consumption: approx. 27 W
    • decoration: snow, sled, presents
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • LED Christmas tree

    The LED Christmas tree with warm white LED lights looks very natural and is suitable for indoor as well as for outdoor use.


    •  meassurements (WxHxD):
    • 155 x 210 x 155 cm
    •  weight: approx. 24 kg
    •  LED: warm white  
    •  power consumption: approx. 26 W
    •  suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Golden LED star cone

    The golden LED star cone with warm white LEDs and cold white LED stars is a perfect addition to the festive decorations in shop windows or reception areas. 


    • meassurements (WxHxD):
    • 85 x 250 x 85 cm
    • weight: approx. 18 kg
    • LED: warm white, cold white
    • power consumption: approx. 35 W
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use



  • LED snowball

    The LED snowball with cold white LEDs transforms every festive decoration into a winter wonder land.


    • meassurements: Ø 110 cm
    • weight: ca. 15 kg
    • LED: cold white
    • power consumption: ca. 32 W
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • LED chair

    This attractive LED chair suits as Christmas decoration and as an attractive photo point. Your guests can rest for a while and enjoy the festive atmosphere. 


    • meassurements (WxHxD): 125 x 160 x 125 cm
    • weight: ca. 28 kg
    • LED: warm white
    • power consumption: ca. 14 W
    • decoration: bulbs, seat cover with cushion
    • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Santa armchair

    This armchair with hundreds of LED lights invites you to linger for a moment with Father Christmas. It is perfect as a Christmas decoration and attractive photo point indoors.


    Product details

    Dimensions (WxHxD): 180 x 205 x 115 cm
    weight: 40 kg
    LED: warm white
    Construction: gold
    Energy consumption: approx. 61 W
    Decoration: seat cover with cushion

Project management

We, the employees of NEL, would like to accompany you with your illumination concept from the idea to the annual implementation. The following illustration shows you the path we have taken together.



  • Rund-um Service für festliche Beleuchtung

    Our service

    We offer an all-round service from consulting, to the creation of high-quality lighting concepts for your special needs and requirements, up to assembly, maintenance, storage, leasing and renting.

Structural safety inspection

  • Wall anchor installation

    We install and test wall anchors according to standard regulations and laws.